I have always been a writer. In elementary school, I wrote for the 5th grade newspaper, only to repeat this job during high school. Through my teen years, I wrote poems to be seen by my eyes only. I’ve always written stories. Some have been completed, others remain unfinished. English classes were always my favorites even though my friends thought I was crazy to like English. As I moved into my professional life, I used my writing for marketing communications, training documents, internal policies,  and corporate newsletters. Later in my career I took research-based writing assignments and instructional writing jobs on contract and I briefly blogged for a marketing company. Writing was something I did, that I had always done. Still, I would say “I want to be a writer.”

Throughout my life of working and writing, I learned about myself, how I work, the quality of work I want to produce, and how I want to serve the needs of others. In 2012, I found a short book by Jeff Goins, You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). A basic message that I took from the book: you become a writer when you say, “I am a writer,” then write and complete the tasks make you a writer. From that day and for always, “I am a writer.” I hope that I can help you with my writing skills or with the thoughts and information on my site. As a Denton writer for hire, I pledge to “Do the Write Thing” as I do the RIGHT thing for you and your business needs, according to my desire to succeed through developing relationships and performing services well. I will meet you at the intersection of the right thing for me and the right thing for you!

Denise Allen’s Bio

Since 2000, Denise Allen has focused her career on contract and consulting jobs in the areas of professional writing for business, marketing, and education applications and training for business and education. Her client list is varied. Denise’s career experience with various employers includes professional writing and business communications, instructional design and development, organizational and individual performance improvement, and training delivery in communications, presentation skills, leadership, and management. Denise’s experience spans manufacturing, high-tech, service, marketing, non-profit, and education environments. She also has used her writing talents, along with project and event planning skills, in various volunteer positions throughout her life.

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