Day 15: Numbness

It’s hard to separate the emotions and the physical effects I felt during breast cancer treatment. It’s to be expected with everything that happened to my body. My emotions were a concern but usually if I was down, I’d bounce back. At one point, emotional numbness took over, and it was a warning sign ofContinue reading “Day 15: Numbness”

Day 10: Guilt

When you know someone that has a terrible illness and think about what they’ve been feeling, would you identify guilt as one of those emotions? During my breast cancer journey, I felt guilt about what everyone else had to sacrifice or did for me. It’s nice being the center of attention when you’ve accomplished somethingContinue reading “Day 10: Guilt”

No Day Like Today to Begin

(scroll down for daily posts) Several years ago, when I found out I had breast cancer, I went through many emotions in a year’s time. Some were predictable, others unexpected. Some came and went, others lasted or repeated. Of course, there were some overlapping feelings and contradictory emotions. But they were mine, all mine, directlyContinue reading “No Day Like Today to Begin”