No Day Like Today to Begin

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Several years ago, when I found out I had breast cancer, I went through many emotions in a year’s time. Some were predictable, others unexpected. Some came and went, others lasted or repeated. Of course, there were some overlapping feelings and contradictory emotions. But they were mine, all mine, directly a result of having a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

I met others on the cancer journey, and we shared our stories. I found that friends I had on Facebook had suffered from the disease as well as other from types of cancer, and some still suffer. I made new friends in person and online because of people reaching out. I discovered that although my feelings were mine, my sisters suffering from breast cancer, as well as others dealing with various types of cancer, had gone through or were going through many of the same emotions as me.

I’m committing to writing about the emotional experience of breast cancer, which is intertwined with and yet separate from the physical and medical experiences. This blog will have 30 posts. There’s no day like today, at the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to begin. I hope you read the blog, get something from it, and share it with others. I’m thankful that you’re in my life and cared enough to get this far.

Hugs and love,

P.S. I am not a medical or mental health professional and I’m not pretending to be one. This blog is based on my experience and insight. Always consult qualified professionals for your health and well-being.

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