Day 11: Solitude

Alone with the disease
Many hours lying down by myself
Not really wanting company
My steadfast companion, my sweet dog, on my bed
So much support but still I feel alone
So many people suffering like me but still feel it
In my Solitude

Dealing with the sickness
That comes with the treatment
Trying to hold my head up
Trying to keep it together
Losing chunks of time to sleep
Mentally numb, physically drained
In my Solitude

Wondering “Why me” as many do
Wondering why God let this happen
Thinking that I’ve been abandoned
Yet still praying, holding onto faith
Considering what my future holds
What my body will be like in time
In my Solitude

I don’t want to feel alone
When better moments come, I try
I let people in to share a laugh
l talk and act like nothing’s wrong
I live my life as best I can
Until, once again, I draw myself in, needing to be
In my Solitude

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