Day 21: Joyful

I want to talk about happy times today! My last two posts were filled with worries over ruining my son’s senior year or not being present for the activities. Although not all was ideal, I made it through, and he enjoyed his year tremendously! As we watched him graduate and saw him enjoy his party with friends and family, I felt joyful.

There’s nothing like sharing in good emotions with those close to you. I was happy, proud, excited, and filled with joy over Tristan’s special days. Our whole family felt this way. I was so relieved to have been there and to have played a part in his special days.

Around this time frame, Tristan was working on his Eagle Scout project and had made a wonderful presentation of his work to community members and a few government officials. I was so proud of him as he did well in his presentation, explaining how he planned the project, and lead a team of Scout volunteers. He’d worked hard to achieve it and learned some life lessons. About the same time, he’d been accepted to college. It was a good time in his life, and parents are always happier when their children are doing well.

As for Jared, I felt joy about him coming home not only for the summer but back in town for his last two years of college. He was switching colleges. Although he’d live in the dorms and had only been an hour or so away, I knew I’d see him more often and likely be a bit more involved in his life. Not sure if he liked that but it sure made mama happy!

Jeff was still by my side, going through everything with me. That gave me a warm, lasting glow inside. With the boys (because they’ll always be my “boys”) around more in the summer, Jeff had a little more freedom to do some of his own things. I felt better that he was slightly less trapped as other mom-sitters were available.

I felt continued joy from my friends visiting and family calling and checking on me. I had improved a bit since my blood transfusion, although not a ton, yet I’d try to find a reason every day to smile and feel joyful. I wanted to feel joyful again on a regular basis, and I had to start somewhere.

You can do this, too. There are times when it seems too hard to feel joy, then your kids walk into the room, the dog does something funny, or a bouquet of flowers arrives and there it is, that little spark of joy. Embrace it.

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