Day 23: Love

Love. It’s an emotion we all want to feel, whether it’s familial love, romantic love, friendship love, or love for people in general. I was looking for a time during my breast cancer journey to talk about love because I felt it all along. Today is the day to let it flow out in words!

I thought about that time when I was looking ahead to my last chemo, knowing what I’d already experienced. It helped me to focus on what was important to me. I’ve talked about the support of my family, Jeff and the boys, in various posts. I felt their love from the inside and out. They were there for me, helping me in whatever way needed. This was the #1 thing I needed to get through that difficult period, and I had it. I felt love for them that was immeasurable, and I still do.

My extended family made me feel loved by calling, messaging, sending gifts, and letting me know how much they cared. It was hard for my mom and sisters and the rest of family in PA because they couldn’t be here to help! My in-laws were so supportive. My friends, too, near and far, close or more like acquaintances, everyone poured out love and support. I often felt undeserving. Love bloomed in my heart every day, even in the ones where not much else felt like blooming!

I want to give a shout out to the doctors, nurses, aides, technician, and medical staff that had any part in my care. These people not only care about their work but have a love for helping patients and for their work that helped to get me through many difficult days.

I could go on. You’ve read most of it already in other posts. If there’s an emotion worth hashing over, it’s love. When you’re in a difficult illness or situation, such as being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, no matter your age, your stage, or your condition, the one thing that can get you through each day is love. Let it fill you, and share it with others.

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