Day 8: Sadness

When you or someone you care about has a serious illness, sadness is inevitable. All the feelings that pop up settle into your chest, into your heart. You’re forced to figure out what to do with all that emotion, and it often leads to sadness. I felt sad about my breast cancer situation and aboutContinue reading “Day 8: Sadness”

Day 4: Resignation and Acceptance

At some point in the journey of telling people I had breast cancer and meeting with the doctors about what’s next, I gave into the belief that I was sick with this impossible disease. I felt resigned to the fact that my body held cancer and that the next few months would be scary andContinue reading “Day 4: Resignation and Acceptance”

No Day Like Today to Begin

(scroll down for daily posts) Several years ago, when I found out I had breast cancer, I went through many emotions in a year’s time. Some were predictable, others unexpected. Some came and went, others lasted or repeated. Of course, there were some overlapping feelings and contradictory emotions. But they were mine, all mine, directlyContinue reading “No Day Like Today to Begin”