Day 20: Inadequacy

When you’re young, you dream of what you want to be. As you get older, you hope you can fill certain roles well. I wanted to be a good daughter, wife, mother and friend. I wanted to go to church and be a good Christian. I wanted to be good at whatever career I chose,Continue reading “Day 20: Inadequacy”

Day 19: Frustrated

Being trapped in a body that’s going through cancer treatment creates one big fat frustrated feeling. I think the emotion resulted from a simmering down of anger, shock, sadness, anxiety and regret. I became mad about what I was feeling physically and how my life had changed. I was sick, upset, and extremely frustrated withContinue reading “Day 19: Frustrated”

Day 14: Overwhelmed

Cancer and its treatments complicate life. I’d say, “understatement of the year,” but it’s been quite a year! When cancer comes at you, much of what happens is overwhelming. First, medical professionals are saying, “You have breast cancer.” The oncologist visits begin, and there are many appointments throughout the process. it’s about tests to goContinue reading “Day 14: Overwhelmed”

Day 13: Regret

Regret is a funny thing. I have regrets in life and feel embarrassed or stupid about some choices and actions from my past. When it comes to choices, though, if I’d made different ones, my life may have turned out differently. For example, when I first started taking graduate courses, I was offered an instructionalContinue reading “Day 13: Regret”

Day 12: Powerless

Powerless represents a feeling a lot of people have experienced in 2020. COVID-19 took hold, precautions were put in place, and we were told to stay at home. It changed nearly everyone’s lives, those with the disease, working in high risk jobs, and those who’ve sheltered in place. We’re still dealing with many of theContinue reading “Day 12: Powerless”

Day 11: Solitude

Alone with the diseaseMany hours lying down by myselfNot really wanting companyMy steadfast companion, my sweet dog, on my bedSo much support but still I feel aloneSo many people suffering like me but still feel itIn my Solitude Dealing with the sicknessThat comes with the treatmentTrying to hold my head upTrying to keep it togetherLosingContinue reading “Day 11: Solitude”